Load Runner Tools Training

Load Runner Tools Training

Load runner is a performance testing tool. It is developed by mercury later acquired by HP. It is software testing tool used to test various applications, measuring system behavior and performance under load. Load runner is the most widely used Load Testing tool. Load Test Results produced by Load runner are used as a benchmark.

Training Objectives of Load Runner
Load runner is part of software testing. Load Runner’s interface and platform evolution has followed the changes in the industry. Load Runner supports a varied number of interfaces, many of which have a historical basis in how client server computing has changed over the past two decades. The objectives of this course is to make you understand the complete load testing life cycle: Creating scripts to simulate real life workflows, Analyzing results .Our HP Load Runner training provides a comprehensive understanding of VuGen, Controller, Generator and Analysis, Including Business Technology Optimization.

Course Content

Key types of Performance testing
Non functional requirements gathering
Load Runner Installation and Licensing policy discussion
Load runner components and Protocol discussion
Vugen Recording options
Vugen Runtime settings
Action files
Parameters (Parameterization)
Manual correlation
Automatic correlation
Manual scenario and goal oriented scenario
Scheduling Scenario
Adding monitors in Controller
Running load test in controller
Adding graphs in Analysis and creating Reports
Performance Counters for O/S and database
Windows performance monitoring tool
Performance Center overview