SharePoint Web Application Training

SharePoint Web Application Training

SharePoint is a web-based application that integrates with Microsoft Office. Launched in 2001. Microsoft SharePoint provides enterprise features and services, such as global search, personalized portals, Office workflow, document retention, and support for enterprise application integration and single sign-on. SharePoint Server is provided to organizations that seek greater control over SharePoint’s design. This product is installed on the customer's IT infrastructure. It receives less frequent updates, but has access to a wider set of features and customization capabilities. There are three editions of SharePoint Server: Standard, Enterprise, and Foundation (free) which was discontinued in 2016.

Training Objectives of SHAREPOINT
SharePoint is a web-based function that integrates with Microsoft Office. SharePoint is basically meant for website collections for sharing data and information. SharePoint- It’s a browser based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. There are many organizations using SharePoint to create websites. It helps to Store, Access, Organize and Share information from nearly several devices.

This training covers Microsoft Admin Training and Microsoft Development Training. Our Courses ranges from beginner to advanced .These learning opportunities can help you to get started quickly-from product exploration to deep training and certification. We provide best SharePoint online Training by the experts.

Target Students / Prerequisites
Students must be familiar with MS.NET and Database concepts.

Course Contents:
MOSS/Share Point 2007 Overview and Installation
Introduction to MOSS
Planning and Architecture of MOSS 2007
Introduction to various versions of share point servers
MOSS 2007 Architecture and its internal components
WSS architecture
Limitations and difference between MOSS and WSS
Configuring default databases
Prerequisites of share point server
Installation of MOSS 2007

Share Point 2007 Technologies
Introduction to web application
Introduction to share point high level components
Introduction and using of libraries and list items
Managing libraries and lists
Create and managing workspaces, sites and pages
Security trimming

Document Management and Content Management
Creating and managing document libraries
Creating and managing form libraries
Creating and managing wiki page
Creating and managing Data links library

User Communications, lists and Custom list items
Discussion board
Tasks, project tasks
Issue tracking and survey
Custom list
Users Permissions and Access Levels
Introduction to security
Access level
User permission and management

Sits, pages, Master pages, MOSS Designer and Branding
Creating custom site as templates
Creating custom pages and designing
Creating Master pages
Creating designer based pages
Creating designer based web parts
Creating designer based database web parts & web services based web parts

Introduction to InfoPath
Understanding InfoPath
Use the system templates
Create custom templates
Create xml based templates and publish to Moss
Create Database templates and publish to Moss
Create Web service based templates and publish to Moss

Sites Customization
Site themes customization
Site templates customization
Custom templates
Uncustom templates

Form based Authentication
Introduction to FBA
Creating and configuring FBA
Creating FBA Users
Authenticate FBA users

Shared Services Providers (SSP)
Introduction to SSP
Creating SSP
Default SSP and Changing Association of SSP
Using MY Site and My links
User Profiles
Excel Services
Office server search
Business Data Catalogs
Creating and Configuration of BDC Web parts

Introduction to Web parts
Web part architecture
Create and deploy web part
Create web part and deploy with server controls
Debugging web parts

Introduction to MOSS API
Using MOSS API object model
Access sites, Document Libraries or List items
Update list items from data base and flat files

Work Flows
Workflows introduction
Creating workflows
Accessing workflows
Managing workflows

Share point web application management
Share point site management
InfoPath forms services
Office share point server shared services
Application security
External service connections
Workflows management
Topology and services