Tableau Business Intelligence

Tableau Business Intelligence

Scene Programming gives programming applications to quick diagnostic and fast fire business knowledge. Scene Accreditation Preparing system will raise you to an acceptable level on ideas of information representation with a firm comprehension of Scene Design Right now will likewise learn Scene work area and open coordination with R and Huge information.

Training Goals Of TABLEAU
Comprehend the primary Scene interface. Learn expository procedures, best practices, and how to make perceptions and figurings and Manufacture dashboards. Figure out how to actualize Information Accumulation and Information Mixing in scene

Course Contents:

Why Scene? Why Perception?
Level Setting – Phrasing
Getting Began – making some amazing representations rapidly
The Scene Product offering
Things you should think about Scene
Getting Began
Connecting to Information and prologue to information source ideas
Working with information records versus database servers
Understanding the Scene workspace
Dimensions and Measures
Using Show Me!
Tour of Racks (How retires and checks work)
Building Fundamental Perspectives
Help Menu and Tests
Saving and Sharing your work
Concepts and Choices when Associating with Information
Joining different tables
Data Mixing
Copy and Glue
Data Concentrates
Custom SQL
Publishing and Re-utilizing Information Associations
Understand how to manage information changes in your information source, for example, field expansion, erasure or name change
Re-utilizing and sharing information associations – the idea of meta information
Working with numerous associations in a similar exercise manual
Creating Perspectives Imprints Size and Straightforwardness
Highlighting Working with Dates Date accumulations and date parts
Discrete versus Nonstop Double Hub/Various Estimates Combo Graphs with various imprint types Geographic Guide
Page Trails
Heat Guide
Density Outline
Scatter Plots
Pie Outlines and Bar Diagrams
Small Products Working with total versus disaggregate information
Sorting and Gathering
Filtering and Fast Channels
Cross-Tabs (Rotate Tables)
Totals and Subtotals
Drilling and Drill Through
Aggregation and Disaggregation
Percent of Aggregate
Working with Insights and Pattern lines
Getting Began with Determined Fields
Working with String Capacities
Basic Number juggling Computations
Date Math
Working with Sums
Custom Accumulations
Logic Proclamations
Options in Organizing your Representations
Working with Marks and Comments
Effective Utilization of Titles and Subtitles
Introduction to Visual Prescribed procedures
Building Intelligent Dashboards
Combining various representations into a dashboard
Making your worksheet intelligent by utilizing activities and channels
An Prologue to Best Practices in Representation
Sharing Exercise manuals
Publish to Peruser
Packaged Exercise manuals
Publish to Office
Publish to PDF
Publish to Scene Server and Sharing over the Internet