Tivoli Directory Integrator Course

Tivoli Directory Integrator Course

IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator is a tool for real time synchronization of repositories of data, with a special focus on identity data, including directories, databases, and operating system repositories. TDI is supports databases, mail and file system formats, message queues, Web services and with real time automated updates on the authoritative data source

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Target Students / Prerequisites:
Students must have awareness on LDAP Concepts and Basic Knowledge on XML

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Introduction to TDI.
Unit 2: Overview of Identity Synchronization and Co-relation
Unit 3: TDI Components and understanding Assembly lines, Feeds, Processing and Output
Unit 4: Installation of TDI
Unit 5: Introduction to Feeds, Assembly Lines and Connectors
Unit 6: Work objects and Connector Objects
Unit 7: Introduction to Parsers and Function Components
Unit 8: Running Assembly Lines
Unit 9: Problems and Logging
Unit 10: Scripts, Hooks and custom connectors
Unit 11: Preprocessing and post Processing Data
Unit 12: Invoking an assembly line from another assembly line
Unit 13: Integration examples with CSV,LDAP and Database
Unit 14: Deciding the attribute processing during Integration
Unit 15: Synchronization, Change Detection and Scheduled Jobs
Unit 16: SSL and Security
Unit 17: Introduction to Tivoli Identity Manager
Unit 18: Integrating TDI with TIM